Julien Tabet is a young French digital creator, born in 1997 in Rennes.

He studied Graphic Design and Webdesign there, before starting as a full-time freelance designer at the age of 22.

In 2017, he started sharing his work on Instagram in parallel with his studies. Thanks to his surreal images, he quickly built a community on the platform.


His specialty is to relook animals by re-interpreting the laws of Nature, in order to share a world different from the one we know. His images are made of fantasy, fun, poetry, and seem to have no limits.


Inspired by the artists of the surrealist movement such as Salvador Dali or René Magritte, he focuses on the subjects he deals with to bring out the best in them with his own interpretation. According to him, animals are incredibly interesting because of their innocence and anonymity. No one can prove that the animals he depicts don't exist.


His work is 100% digital. He creates using Photoshop, combining photography and illustration. He always pays attention to detail, on the border between realism and fantasy.

Julien Tabet Hauteur.jpg